Went Looking for You


(sorry for posting so few actual photographs recently; the weather in my head has been cloudy which makes things harder to see)



Dream City (II)

Opal Sea

Another non-photographic interruption:

My creative partner and I wrote and performed every bit of this; I don’t often like to talk about how much effort I put into things (I feel like it makes them less fun, you know?) but we worked really hard on it and then a friend of ours believed in the project and ponied up for the recording so it would make me incredibly happy if you’d spend today’s $8 to help us assure our friend that her belief wasn’t ill-placed.

Also you’ll probably laugh. I wrote the lyrics and have been singing them for seven months and I still laugh. Because it’s funny, and sometimes you have to own up to things you do being good, even though it makes you feel vaguely weird and gross.

OH ALSO: the thing one is supposed to do and I never remember:

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Safe Digital

Eat the Rich

Someone Will Remember Us


Dear John Osebold:

I promise CITY LIGHT has not been far from my mind.